Friday, 27 February 2015

Mit Gott fűr König und Vaterland

Hinton Hunt PN 22: Prussian Landwehr Colour Bearer
PN 23, doing the National Union of Railwaymen proud
Although in the last post I said there was going to be a pause in Prussian production, I just couldn't resist having a go at a couple of Don's splendid Prussian Landwehr command figures.

There was always a strong chance that I was going to do a red flag for the 2nd Neumarks, as this was the colour of the flag carried by those Peter Gilder landwehr that inspired me all those years ago. Any doubt about the matter, however, was removed by a remark from Wellington Girl (aged 9). She wanted to know why I was painting a whole lot of Postman Pats. "Postmen?", I replied, "surely anyone can see that these are British Rail employees!". Having invoked the National Union of Railwaymen, anything other than a red flag would have been a disappointment.

It took two attempts to get it right. It was fiendishly difficult to get anything resembling a symmetrical cross on to the flag as it is anything but square and far from securely attached by that perilously thin lead flag pole.

Hinton Hunt PN 23: Prussian Landwehr Drummer
PN 22: Prussian Landwehr Drummer
The other figure is Don's PN 22: Prussian Landwehr Drummer. This is a David Clayton figure (for more on the David Clayton range, see Ian's splendid blog here), which seems to have been made by grafting a Prussian landwehr head onto a French line infantry drummer, complete with the latter's fringed epaulettes and French imperial lace all over the the arms and chest. However, a little bit of work with a craft knife and a file soon made him a little more Prussiany.

Many thanks again to Don for this very generous donation.

These are positively the last Prussians for the next wee while. The next post, I promise, will be about something completely different.....


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Landwehr Update

Hinton Hunt  PN 17: Prussian Landwehr Officer, Charging.
PN 17 in fine smiting posture
The first half battalion of the 2nd Neumark Landwehr Infantry Regiment is almost complete.

One of the many fun things about starting a project like this is that each new figure is an adventure. One can never quite be certain how they are going to turn out.

The officer on the left is PN 17: Prussian Landwehr Officer, Charging. I think he has to be my favourite to date - something to do with the shape of his hat, I suspect. I'm also getting a lot more confident about putting on the buttons.
Hinton Hunt  PN 18: Prussian Landwehr, Charging.
With steel bands on their muskets, naturally!
The rest of the battalion will be a little delayed as I have a new little project on my hands, about which more in the next post. However, normal Prussian service ought to resume in a couple of weeks or so.
Once the Landwehr are complete it may be time to make a start on a few cavalry.
Many thanks to Steve, Richard and Old John for making it all possible!
.PN 18s at the charge. I think I'm reconciled to the knapsacks.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Prussian Presents!

I arrived home from work yesterday to find the most delightful surprise - a small parcel of Prussian command figures from Don in the USA. Readers of Ian's amazing Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargame Figures blog will recognise Don as Ian's friend and correspondent on all things related to Hinton Hunt, David Clayton and Der Kriegspielers. Don had enquired about my Prussian progress and has, at a stroke, completely solved my command crisis!
Hinton Hunt Prussian Infantry Command Figures
The commanders arrive!

The figures (I believe) are (from left to right):

PN 20:Prussian Landwehr Officer, Marching;
PN 23: Prussian Landwehr Colour Bearer;
PN 22: Prussian Landwehr Drummer;
3 x PN 5: Prussian Line Infantry (separate musket);
PN 1: Prussian Line Infantry Officier, Charging; and
PN 6 (although probably actually DK 120): Prussian Line Infantry Drummer.

The three landwehr figures are all David Clayton figures, judging by their rather thick bases, while the line infantry all look like they could be original Hinton Hunts, with the exception of the line infantry drummer, who bears all the signs of being a Der Kriegspieler

They have arrived in the nick of time. The landwehr drummer and colour bearer will be drafted straight into my 2nd Neumark Landwehr Infantry Regiment. As for the others...well they will require more Prussian line and reserve infantry battalions of course!

More posts to follow as the 2nd Neumarks develop. The flag will be a particular challenge: with edges varying from 18 to 20mm, it's quite a bit smaller than my other flags, which are 23mm square. I also have to decide how to paint it. There seem to be any number of highly speculative examples in other people's Prussian Landwehr units. If anyone has any particular suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks Don

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Looking at Landwehr

I can still remember the excitement I felt when I first opened my copy of The Campaign of Leipzig 1813 (London: Osprey Publishing, 1979) by Jeff Parker with photos of figures supplied by the legendary Peter Gilder. It was produced as part of a series of Osprey wargame books edited by Terry Wise that didn't seem to go any further for some reason. One of the most spectacular images in the book was of the fighting in the streets of Mockern on 16 October 1813. A French column, preceded by a skirmish screen of voltigeurs, is confronted by an enormous mass of Prussian landwehr marching into the town square. Those in the lead had red facings and carried a red flag. I've wanted some red Prussian landwehr of my own ever since!
Hinton Hunt PN 18 Prussian Landwehr Infantry Charging
PN 18: Prussian Landwehr Infantry Charging

I haven't done any other test figures so far, but in this instance I felt compelled as I wasn't at all sure about the best way to paint his linen bread bag and canvas knapsack, or whether to paint the whole of his cuffs in facing colours or just the piping.

The results of the experiment are shown here. The figure is PN 18: Prussian Landwehr Infantry Charging, painted to represent the 2nd Neumark Landwehr Infantry Regiment. I chose this regiment for its attractive red facings and because it was brigaded alongside the 10th (1st Silesian) Infantry Regiment within Count Bulow's Prussian IV Corps during the Waterloo campaign.

Hinton Hunt PN 18 Prussian Landwehr Infantry Charging
Not sure about his knapsack!
I'm not sure about his knapsack. I think I chose this particular shade of grey as that was the colour of the 1950's pattern webbing pack that I bought from the Oxford Army Surplus shop in about 1984, and after years of using it to cart around university library books this is pretty much what it ended up looking like. Not sure about how it works on the figure, however! Comments welcome.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Linesmen 3

Hinton Hunt Prussian Line Infantry
I spent the day at home today as one of the kids was feeling unwell, so with nothing in particular to do I completed the basing and varnishing of the 10th (1st Silesian) Infantry Regiment.

It was a pleasure to paint these chaps - they look so Prussiany!

I'm not completely decided, but I think I can feel some landwehr infantry coming on next.
Hinton Hunt Prussian Line Infantry

Hinton Hunt Prussian Line Infantry

Hinton Hunt Prussian Line Infantry