Friday, 12 June 2015

......and the Good News Second

The Prussians have arrived!
Well, so much for my schemes and plans. Ian's cavalry have arrived at last! My rant against the postal service was premature. However, one can't help wondering where on earth they've been for the last 2 months.

As Marcus Hinton decreed that Prussian Uhlans should be mounted on chestnut horses in his painting instructions, I've been frantically researching how to do this using Humbrols. Humbrol does not have a very extensive brown colour palette. Expect to see the results on a blog near you soon!


Sunday, 7 June 2015

The 13th Légère Line Up

Der Kriegspielers French Light Infantry 1812
The 13e Légère march out.
It's a cold winter's night here in Wellington, but  I'm warmed by the fact that the 13th Légère are finally ready to take the field.

Joining the DK 8 chasseur companies featured in my last post are six DK 8E: French Line Infantry Elites 1812, Charging, painted as carabiniers; and two  DK 8E and four DK 11E painted as volitgeurs.

That I was able to find only eight DK 8E suggests that the typical ratio of elite to centre company figures in DK French line infantry sets was 8 to 16, organised into six, 4-figure companies. If this is so, mustering the 6-figure elite companies needed for my organisation is likely to become a problem.

Although there are more French infantry in the painting queue, these are going to have to wait a bit as it's high time I did some cavalry. Anyone would think I've been avoiding them...

Der Kriegspielers French Light Infantry 1812
March Past for the Emperor
The truth is that this is almost certainly what I've been doing. When I was a teenager I hated painting cavalry units as they seemed to take three times as long as the infantry, and I really wasn't very good at them.

Der Kriegspielers French Light Infantry 1812
The 13th looking spiffy in their all-blue uniforms!
As the best way round this aversion would be to start with something simple, expect to see some Prussian cavalry in the next post!


Manoeuvring in style!.
Der Kriegspielers French Light Infantry 1812
A classic vintage line up.