Friday, 8 September 2017

New Recruits

Long long ago, back in in the distant days of March 2016, Mr Lewis Gunner issued me a challenge: to produce a unit of Prussian reserve infantry in grey, "ideally in flat caps". Well, I haven't quite achieved this, as they're not painted yet, but the castings have arrived.

The master figure was made from one of the DK Napoleoniques #121: Prussian Guard Infantry, Advancing figures sent to me by Chuck Gibke in the even more distant days of April 2015.

DK 121 Guardsman and Reserve Infantry conversion

I thought my conversion would need more than just a flat cap, however, so I also removed the DK 121's canteen and sword and gave him a havresack.

The castings were made for me by the redoubtable John Cunningham, and have turned out very nicely. They're available to anyone who would like to buy them for John's ususal prices, under code HSC PN 91: Prussian Reserve Infantry, Charging. The "HSC" stands for "Hinton Spieler Conversion", although you won't find this inscribed on their bases, and I will receive no royalty. If anyone decides to buy some, be sure to ask John to check the bayonets before he sends them as their splindly little DK bayonets do not always come out of the mould intact.

The first of the few!

I ought to have the first couple of companies ready to show in a couple of weeks. They will be led by a cadre of regulars given to me an even longer time ago by Don, in February 2015!

I'm sorry it's all taken so long, chaps.



In other news , in case you haven't seen it yet, David C of Miniature Minions (here) has asked if anyone has any spare DK Italian infantry and busby-wearing Russian cossacks. David is happy to either trade or purchase. If you can help, David is contactable via his blog. Cheers, WM


  1. They look very nice indeed. I am just about to move onto to Prussians myself. I have some Prussuan Lancers who will pained as Lutzows in black.

    I am posting some original HH to John today to add to his recast list. They are:-

    AN33 - Hungarian Grenadier firing
    FN23 - Old Guard Grenadier Firing
    AN26 Hungarian Infantry Officer marching
    AN24 Hungarian Infantry Musketeer charging
    WN16 - Polish Fusilier Marching
    FN8 French Infantry of the Line 1812/15 Officer marching
    FN1 French Infantry of the Line 1812/15 Officer Charging

    1. I feel like a new father all over again, Mark.
      John's list is getting very interesting indeed!

    2. Matt,
      I have full packs of DK 825-122 Von Lutzow repelling and 825-140 Freiwilliger Jaegers if anyone is interested.

      Tony S

    3. Intriguing! I've never seen those. Can you send me pictures, Tony? I'll stick them on the blog. There are some genuine wee gems amongst the DK range and they need better documentation.

  2. A clever conversion Matt and a nice looking figure. I look forward to seeing how these paint up!

    1. After chancing my arm with Arentschildt I just had to give it a go, Ian!

      John has produced a rather lovely, slim figure who ought to look very elegant in grey.

  3. Agreed. These look like they'll paint up relatively quickly too.

    Best Regards,


    1. This is my fervent hope, H-UvB, as they were not scheduled for Phase 2 at all!

  4. Well done, WM. This fills a huge gap which once saw me sent for re education for suggesting going off-message. Like Ian, I look forward to seeing these chaps in their understated glory. I guess after the Estorffs you need a little catharsis?

    1. I was really not at all sure that I wanted to go down this route, Archduke. This blog is supposed to be about vintage Napoleonics, not new ones, and Lord knows I have enough vintage troops in the lead pile as it is. I managed to convince myself, however, that I could allow myself at least one battalion. As you say, it fills a gap.

      He'd have been a better figure, no doubt, if I'd used an HH casting, but yet again I just couldn't bring myself to chop one up!

  5. Delightful little chap! I feel the need for a battalion of them!
    John does suitable officers and drummersbin cap, though I have a sneaking feeling that officers and musicians were issued proper shakos with covers.

  6. Nash says they were, LG, and he's an impeccable vintage source!

  7. Another excellent conversion Matt, and John C has done a wonderful job, producing nice crisp castings.