Saturday, 21 July 2018

Bay Watch

The first squadron of Chasseurs à Cheval de la Garde Impériale is ready for its photo shoot. 

No prizes for guessing which one is Pamela Anderson.
They were devilishly difficult to paint. This had more do with the impossibly high expectations I'd set for myself rather than anything intrinsically difficult about them. This wasn't helped by them being the sort of regiment which looks terrible while it is being painted until more or less the last moment.

The figures are:

Hinton Hunt FN 48: French Chasseur a Cheval of the Guard, in busby and Hussar style uniform (mounted) charging x 3;
Der Kriegspielers Napoleoniques # 47: Guard Chasseurs-a-Cheval x 1;
Der Kriegspielers Napoleoniques # 47: Guard Chasseurs-a-Cheval, converted to a trumpeter; and
The Essex Hussar.

There will probably be another flag and a few more conversions in the next post, all being done as commissions.

Toodle pip,


Saturday, 7 July 2018

Funky Chickens

There was a Silesian eagle
who thought he'd look quite regal
if he spread out his wings
and showed off his.... things
but he looked like a scrawny seagull

It's been raining slantendicular today, so I spent the afternoon finishing off a couple of new flags. One of them is for Ian S and the other is for me. Ian sent me some very special soldiers recently, so it was the least I could do. I had to twist his arm before he'd let me, though.

I'm not sure if I've completely succeeded, but I wouldn't have got even this far if it hadn't been for the Archduke, who gave me a set of Revell Email paints when I visited him in the UK. Using them has been a revelation. They actually stick to the thing that one is trying to paint. It'll take me a while to get used to this revolutionary concept.

I'm going through another patch of major work stress at the moment so, who knows, there may be some Chasseurs to show off next week.

Toodle Pip,