Thursday, 19 February 2015

Landwehr Update

Hinton Hunt  PN 17: Prussian Landwehr Officer, Charging.
PN 17 in fine smiting posture
The first half battalion of the 2nd Neumark Landwehr Infantry Regiment is almost complete.

One of the many fun things about starting a project like this is that each new figure is an adventure. One can never quite be certain how they are going to turn out.

The officer on the left is PN 17: Prussian Landwehr Officer, Charging. I think he has to be my favourite to date - something to do with the shape of his hat, I suspect. I'm also getting a lot more confident about putting on the buttons.
Hinton Hunt  PN 18: Prussian Landwehr, Charging.
With steel bands on their muskets, naturally!
The rest of the battalion will be a little delayed as I have a new little project on my hands, about which more in the next post. However, normal Prussian service ought to resume in a couple of weeks or so.
Once the Landwehr are complete it may be time to make a start on a few cavalry.
Many thanks to Steve, Richard and Old John for making it all possible!
.PN 18s at the charge. I think I'm reconciled to the knapsacks.


  1. Wonderful brushwork and well done with those buttons!!!

  2. Its a sweet little figure, The animator captured a moment if action in just such a way as to make you feel this is really like 1813. Other manufacturers really did not catch the feeling of a figure of that period, Minifigs are too beefed up, Les Higgins too rigidly posed, Rose too toy like, Ddouglas come closest. There are a few horrid HH figures. but most are fine representations and some few , like this little Prussian, are real beauties.
    The buttons are lovely, do you outline each in black? That's maestro level.

    1. I do indeed, although several attempts are often necessary! Now that I know how to stop them dissolving I thought I should give it a go.

      We'll see how they turn out in the next batch, which are now in production.