Wednesday, 13 May 2015

French Flankers

Der Kriegspielers DK9 E: French Line Infantry Elites 1812, Advancing
DK 9E: French Line Infantry Elite, Advancing
They took me a little bit longer than expected (all those piped collars, cuffs, lapels and epaulettes!), but the 45th's flank companies are finally ready.

First up are two examples of the Der Kriegspielers DK 9 E: French Line Infantry Elites 1812, Advancing figure, painted as a line grenadier and a line voltigeur. As with the DK 9 fusilier figures, these are clearly related to the Hinton Hunt FN 5 French fusilier figure, but with added elite company distinctions and those trademark DK hanging musket straps.

Der Kriegspielers DK11 E: French Line Infantry Elites 1812, Repelling
DK 11E: French Line Infantry Elite, Repelling!
Contrary to my previous post I found that I actually had nine of these figures. This gave me enough for six voltigeurs, but only three to form the grenadier company. However, help was at hand in the form of three DK 11 E figures, French Line Infantry Elites 1812, Repelling.

Pictured is one of the original veteran DK 11 E figures (on the right), with my revamped version (on the left). Underneath all the old paint were some very tidy little casting! Many of the DK poses seem to consist of little more than a slight variation in the musket position, but I think this one qualifies as something altogether more original. My version has his head twisted round to face the front in order to make him blend in a little more with the DK9s.

The bases have been prepared and are drying, so the next post featuring the whole battalion shouldn't be too far off.



  1. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing the battalion as a whole.

  2. Thank's Chuck. Btn now formed up!