Sunday, 5 July 2015

Prussian Lancers 1

Der Kriegspielers DK 139: Prussian Landwehr Lancers
DK 139: Prussian Landwehr Lancers

Der Kriegspielers DK 139: Prussian Landwehr Lancers
The varnish was still too wet to paint the bases!
It's cavalry time at last here at the Hinton Spieler, in the form of six DK 139: Prussian Landwehr Lancers. DK 139s are almost identical to their Hinton Hunt equivalents, PN 39: Landwehr Lancers, Charging. An example of the latter can be seen on the indispensable Hinton Hunter blog here.

These particular lancers, however, are not intended to be landwehr cavalry but are painted to represent a regular regiment, the 3rd (Brandenburg) Uhlans. This was not difficult to do as until early 1815 most of the Prussian regular and landwehr lancer regiments, with the exception of the Guard Lancers, were dressed identically. The only way to tell them apart was from the colour of their lance pennants, buttons and shoulder straps. At Waterloo the 3rd Uhlans formed part of the 1st Cavalry Brigade of von Zeiten's I Corps.

Der Kriegspielers DK 139: Prussian Landwehr Lancers In 1815 all the regular lancer regiments were ordered to adopt white and black lance pennants, but at Ian's request this particular squadron has retained their attractive yellow and blue pattern. Much of the Prussian Army was in transition in the period leading up to the 100 Days and the supply situation was chaotic, so it was not only lance pennants that were a problem. Indeed, squadrons of the same regiment took the field wearing radically different kit, as will be demonstrated in the next post!

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