Friday, 22 July 2016

Big Brothers

I've received an unusual request.

Richard W from the United States has contacted me for help in disposing of his collection of 54 mm Hinton Hunts, and a few other things besides. One way you could do this, I said, would be to put them on my blog with your contact details, and so here they all are.

Below are the pictures he sent me. I think they're mostly Hintons, but there may also be a couple of other marks (Staddens, perhaps?) among them.

"I bought them in 1964-5", Richard tells me, "and have been lugging these around with me for 50 years".

Included in the sale are the following two pieces of ordnance. The field gun in particular looks like it's seen a little action!

The key thing, he tells me, is that they go to someone who really appreciates them. Payment is by Paypal and shipping charges will be added to the agreed sale price.

I wish to stress that I have no personal or financial interests in this sale!


EDIT: The deadline for offers has passed.


  1. Not really my sort of thing (and I couldn't afford them anyway!), but lovely to see. My compliments to Richard, and thanks very much for posting this, just for the education/entertainment value. The mortar looks as if it might fire!

    1. Aren't they fantastic? If I'd known about these earlier I might have embarked on an entirely different project.

  2. That header picture is amazing Matt, I must say, the colours are so vibrant, what a unit!

    1. Thanks, 'Lee. I've only just discovered how to do this, and it was impossible not to start with the Swiss! I may try some other units from time to time.