Sunday, 24 June 2018

A Fork in the Road - Part 2

Into action
Prince Blucher immediately ordered his crack cavalry regiments to advance....

Blucher: Charge und slaughter zem all, meine kinder!
 ...prompting Davout's guns to come into action.

Davout: This is going to be easier than I thought!
The Garde du Corps suffered dreadful losses as they tried to cross the ford.

Blucher: Verdammt!, So ein Mist! Sound ze recall!
As Blucher recalled his shattered squadrons, Davout's Franco-Saxon centre launched themselves towards the town....

Davout: Forward lads! We'll have them on the run in no time....
….and were in turn met by a hail of Prussian cannon balls.

Blucher: Zat's more like it!
Although firing at extreme range, the volume of fire rapidly began to take a terrible toll on the advancing Saxons.

Colonel #1: They've killed Count Pajol!
Colonel #2: The bastards!
On Blucher's right, however, a sudden Danish light cavalry strike threatened the destruction of the Swedish hussars.

Swedes: That's the last time we order a Danish!
French and Danish cavalry, supported by their dashing horse gunners, swarmed onto the hills.

Blucher: the Danes are dominating, damn them!
Crisis on the Right

Blucher counter attacked with the Swedish cuirassiers, but they were sent packing by their indomitable Danish opponents almost immediately.

Cuirassiers: Run away!
Blucher: Zere is somezink rotten in the 
state of Sweden, I am zinking!
Only the Swedish infantry now stood in the way of total disaster. Heavily outnumbered, raked by canon fire and surrounded by a swirl of hostile squadrons, the collapse of Blucher's right seemed only moments away...

Swedes: Valhalla here we come!
….but the Swedes were tougher than they looked. The Danes watched in horror as their hitherto unstoppable offensive began to crumble. Even the Swedish hussars fought back, bringing the Danish light cavalry to a standstill.

Meanwhile the Swedish infantry decimated the  French chasseurs for daring to come within musket range.

It was enough. Blucher's left and centre marched to the attack just as the enemy in front of them were beginning to wilt under the uncannily accurate long-range fire of the Prussian gunners.

The sacrifice of the Prussian Garde du Corps had also not been in vain. Davout's gunners were distracted just long enough for the Prussian main attack to close. A mighty cheer rang out from the Prussian ranks.

Prussian infantry: Hurrah! Ve didn't like zose silly vhite cuirassiers anyvay!
Meanwhile, Danish morale plummeted as their cavalry reeled back in confusion. Even the horse gunners were sent scurrying back to their lines after a feint by the Prussian dragoons.

Blucher: Zat's right boys - just vave zose swords about a bit!
The Prussian centre closed in for the kill. The Saxons formed line but it was clear that they'd been seriously weakened by the Prussian bombardment.

But it was on the Prussian left that the real victory was won. The Lutzowers, enraged by their losses to the French artillery during the advance, charged and overran the French guns which had been tormenting them. The rest of the PEF also charged into the faltering French line. The Prussian cavalry surged forward in anticipation of the pursuit. As the French cavalry of the Guard prepared to sell their lives, Davout sounded the retreat. The Emperor would have to fight his way to Berlin alone.

And that, I'm very sorry to say, is when we ran out of time. I had to hit the road if I was to have any chance of reaching my sister's house before dark. LG, as always, had arranged the most superb show. He had also umpired with aplomb and treated us to the most splendid lunch besides. My opponent, Matt B, could not have been a more perfect gentleman and he would have beaten me handsomely but for my outrageous good fortune with the dice. He was also spectacularly generous - so expect to see a lot more French, Prussian and Brunswick Hinton Hunts when I finally get round to painting them.

Gents, I can't really repay either you except to say thank you. I had the most wonderful time.

More grand Hinton Hunt spectaculars will follow in future posts, as indeed, I hope, will the Guard Chasseurs. I may need to chain Wellington Girl to the radiator first, however, as her ever growing social life seems to be taking up just about all of my time at the moment. What can I do? She's got me wrapped around her little finger.



  1. A shame that game time as ever gets curtailed by life. A nice game but I wondered if artillery might be too good at long range and not good enough at short (canister) range - it seemed to dominate the early phases but got overrun a lot later on?
    Please, please, don't let WG bring your painting to a dead stop - sometimes parents have to be cruel (to their offspring) to be kind (to strangers)... ;o)

    1. It was entirely down to the dice throws, Rob. The Prussian gun fire was deadly, despite the fact that I wasn't allowed to concentrate more than two guns against a particular target. The French, on the other hand, couldn't seem to hit a thing, even with cannister, and when the Lutzowers tested A class it was all over.

      WG points out, quite rightly, that I was gone an awfully long time and that I need to make up for it. The answer, I think, will just have to be more painting on weekdays.

    2. A-class Lutzowers! Whatever next, although it is thought provoking. It makes me think this sort of approach would be good for Spanish who sometimes fought extremely well and at other times quite poorly - perhaps with a modifier based on circumstances when testing for class, e.g. -1 if facing cavalry which often seems to have undone them?
      PS I assume my first comment from my iPad went astray? I shall have to give up commenting from it.

    3. I was determined to get them out from behind the hedgerows this time, whatever happened.

      The class test is just a simple dice throw with a 1/6 chance of going to the top. Only Prussian reservists and the Lutzowers are allowed to do this at the moment.

  2. Excellent looking game.
    I too am currently running Dad's Taxi Service in my "spare" time, in fact I am out in 15 minutes to pick up son #2 having just dropped off daughter at the local High Street for more retail therapy! I feel your pain.

    1. I have a feeling that it's going to get worse before it gets better, Matt - she's only 12!

      LG's collection is simply superb.

  3. Excellent close up action shots - beautiful Hintons. Great battle.

    1. Hi Kev. As Rob observed, we had to stop just as it was getting really interesting. The "victory" was just my hosts being generous!

  4. Just the ticket for a rainy Sunday morning. Beautiful display!

    Best Regards,


    1. Cheers, Stokes. I hope the weather improves. We're in the depths of winter here. It's barely stopped raining for a month.

  5. A great looking game Matt.

    And no, it doesn't get better, eventually you find yourself moving 450 miles to take up grandparent duties!

    1. Oh dear. And my lot have all still got their British passports.

  6. A huge and beautiful looking battle, these armies are superb!

  7. Ahhh those Swedish cuirassiers..apparently the regimental march is Del Shannon's 'Runaway' !

    1. It was those incredibly pestiferous horse gunners that did for them. I came away with the thought that I really must get some.

  8. Have to Echo Phil's comments. What a beautiful looking game! Very glad of the generosity you reference, as selfishly, it means those of us who follow your painting will have even more opportunities to see your skill with a brush. As for Wellington Girl, you go ahead and spend all the time with her you can. It goes way too quickly. Ours will both be in college next year. At least I may finally have more time for painting and projects, in between bouts of missing my children!



    1. Some of them were Young Guard Voltigeurs, Dave! I did a little a dance of joy. Not quite enough for a charging battalion, but getting there.

  9. A wonderful looking game which sounds like it was fun to play. I am pleased the Lutzowers had a starring role.

    1. They did a very good job of absorbing all that canon fire so that the rest of the PEF could attack. If they'd tested as C class this wouldn't have gone so well, I suspect!

      LG's collection is simply amazing. I came away all inspired - not least by his beautiful Guard Chasseurs a Cheval.

  10. A splendid looking game indeed...
    And very inspiring...

    All the best. Aly

    1. Cheers, Aly. Slightly daunting too, perhaps. I only about halfway to achieving anything like these troop strengths after 4 years.

  11. Fabulous finale to a top looking game and clearly heaps of fun!

  12. It was, James. I just wish that we'd had a bit longer.