Monday, 5 January 2015

A General Answer

There was nothing for it after yesterday's post but to rush out after work and purchase some acrylic gloss varnish.

His buttons and other metallic bits didn't budge an inch!

Hinton Hunt PN 64
PN 64 in all his new, shiny glory

Hinton Hunt PN 64 Rear View
The other side. Red bits are redder in reality!

My heartfelt thanks, chaps.



  1. Looks great - now I see the figure finished, I realise that PN64 most be the original donor casting for a converted Baden general I have in my French army. Every day I learn something new. (Sometimes it is the same thing as yesterday's, though).

  2. Superb in his glossiness, well done!

  3. Really looks the business, lovely work, congrats, PN 64 very useful figure as have seen it used for Russian Nap and Crimean generals and 1848 Danish, as to cap colour also seen it from medium blue to nearly black, and have one painted as Jager officer in green
    cheers Old John