Friday, 9 January 2015

Deserter Recaptured!

Lamming PI 6: Prussian Line Infantry Drummer
Recaptured for the Fatherland!
I was determined to get my Silesian line infantry finished before going on holiday next week, but as this is looking increasingly unlikely, I've decided to post the only thing I've got to show at the moment.

Lurking among some Hinton Hunt South Germans I acquired recently (of which much more in future posts) was this wee chap. Rather than have him shot for desertion, I decided that he should be conscripted into my line battalion forthwith. Prussian drummers are in short supply here in the Chateau d'homme de Wellington!

Lamming PI 6: Prussian Line Infantry Drummer
Acrylic Gloss, naturally!
Retro wargame figure connoisseurs will recognise him at once as one of Bill Lamming's creations: that Easter Island profile is unmistakable! Another helpful clue was the "PI/6" I found inscribed under his base, which is the code Bill used for Prussian line infantry drummers. I never met Bill, but I suspect that he had a conservative dress sense and a liking for order and precision. I swear that there are creases down the front of those trousers.

He's not a perfect fit for Hinton Hunts, truth be told - those enormous hands, apart from anything else....However, I'm delighted with him nonetheless. I'd cheerfully paint whole battalions of Lammings if I could get them!

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