Saturday, 12 December 2015

Bavarian Blues 2

Hinton Hunt Bavarian Line Infantry
The 4th form up.

I really wasn't planning to do any more Bavarians at the moment, but having started them I just couldn't resist. The result is two companies of the 4th Line Infantry Regiment, with two more companies on the way.

The figures are:

1 x Hinton Hunt BVN 1: Bavarian infantry officer, charging;
8 x Hinton Hunt BVN 4: Bavarian infantry private, charging;
2 x Der Kriegspielers DK 174: Bavarian Infantry, at the ready (converted); and

last, but not least, a conversion of Der Kriegspielers DK 7: French Infantry Command 1809, drummer.

Hinton Hunt Bavarian Line Infantry
Drumming up the new recruits.

Hinton Hunt Bavarian Line Infantry
Er...a few too many sausages, perhaps?
Hinton Hunt Bavarian Line Infantry
Impossible Bavarian flag  number 2 is still in production.
An interesting feature of the BVN 4 figures is that a few of them are a bit than the others. Something went a bit wonky during casting, I suspect. However, they line up with their slimmer brethren well enough.

I'm a bit stumped about what colour to paint the helmet plumes. All of Marcus Hinton's Bavarian line infantry have them, despite the fact that it was only the the grenadier and chasseur companies that actually wore them. The plumes, therefore, should either be red or green. However, I wanted to represent fusilier companies in the centre of my battalion, so I painted them white. Transgressive, isn't it...!

The rest of the battalion should be appearing at some point during Christmas, I hope.

Auf wiedersehen,



  1. Love the Bavarian uniform (and flags), and you've an excellent job on them!

  2. I know I keep on saying it Matt but - simply superb!

  3. Ah Matt, more stunning painting, those are indeed true works of Art, the colours are so bold, brilliant!

  4. Ah, the fat Bavarian...I remember him. Marcus Hinton had made a mould with a number of popular figures as a sort f production mould, using early production figures as the masters. However, something had gone slightly wrong in the mould making process and it had bulged very slightly on one figure...the fat Bavarian who had about a mm of extra width. I fnd him quite pleasing, not being so skinny myself.
    Interesting that you have chosen quite a light blue, Matt. I sometimes wonde if the 1809-12 Bavarians are in a light blue and the 1813-14 uniforms are a bit darker. Nice point too with the Bavarians that their light infantry are in the standard line uniforms in green coats faced black. A lovely looking army, though I do wonder how tiring the helmet was to wear, considering that the troops carried their boot cleaning equipment in the crown of the helmet.

  5. Excellent looking unit, good luck with the next flag I am sure it will look "the business"

  6. Really nice colour scheme and excellent painting.

  7. Cheers chaps.

    I fretted most fretfully about which blue to use, even to the point of considering acrylics, but decided I should at least have a go with Humbrols in the first instance. What I ended up with is Humbrol 89 Middle Blue, toned down with a wash of Humbrol 25 Blue. It may not be accurate, but it certainly looks nice and bright and vintagey.

    Many thanks Roy. I wondered about the beefier Bavarians!



    Has a genuine Bavarian uniform f the period. I have units in both the light and the more mid blue and I imagine on campaign that the dye is likely to fade.

    1. Cheers Roy. Certainly quite a bit darker than my troops.

      I'm finding it hard to make up my mind about this one - the lighter shade I've gone for really makes them "pop out" on the tabletop. I also experimented Humbrol 109 WW1 blue, but I thought it had a greyish-green sort of tinge that didn't seem quite right somehow.