Friday, 4 December 2015

Prussian 10-Mile Snipers

Hinton Hunt Prussian Artillery
My DK  French gunners positively demanded a Prussian response, and so here it is.

The figures are Hinton Hunt Prussian field artillery:

PN 33: Gunner, holding cannon ball;
PN 32: Gunner with rammer;
PN 31: Gunner with porte-fire; and
PN 30: Officer, looking through spy-glass. 
Hinton Hunt Prussian ArtilleryHaving said that, I have a vague suspicion that the officer may actually be a Der Kriegspieler. Whatever the case, he's an absolutely corking figure. He really looks as if he's spotted something interesting!

The gun is completely mysterious, being devoid of markings and assembled from a box of various artillery bits that may or may not have originally belonged together. Although the barrel and the carriage appear to go together, I'm not at all sure about the wheels. Nevertheless, the final assemblage seems to work together quite well.

Hinton Hunt Prussian Artillery
It's rather heftier than the French Warrior guns, so could possibly be fielded as a 12-pounder!


  1. Nice job ont this 'mysterious gun' and gunners!

    1. Thanks Phil. I did them at the same time as the French gunners, and they were an absolute joy to paint. Beautiful clean castings, and nice simple uniforms!

  2. Lovely - I particularly like the officer with the spyglass and the Racing Times.

    I also regard the Merit alder tree in the background as a classy touch - well done, young Sir.

    1. Thanks Tony. Full marks for noticing the Merit tree. Many's the time I remember them crunching under foot in the back gardens of the 1970s.

      As for the officer, I feel that all he lacks is the deckchair that he's so obviously just leapt out of to get a closer look at whatever it is that he intends to write to the newspapers to complain about.

    2. Oops , Just a suggestion with that Prussian officer, I wonder if you could take his top half and join it to the legs of the Prussian mounted officer that JC dies and create a colonel , mounted,nwith spyglass and map. I suppose you would have to take the rolled greatcoat off, but that looks feasible. Of course you would need a spare foot arty officer and a JC Prussian general!
      Thanks for the kind comments .