Friday, 12 February 2016

Vorwärts and all

Hinton Hunt PN 60: Marshal Blucher
Marshal Blücher signals a turn to the right
To celebrate the completion of the 2nd Leib Hussars. which is my first full, 12-figure cavalry regiment, I thought it would only be right and proper to have them inspected by that ultimate old hussar, Generalfeldmarschall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher.

The figure is PN 60: Marshal Blucher, on horse PNH 1, and is another one of John Cunningham's very fine Hinton Hunt recasts.

The Marshal is wearing the blue and red cap that I think is correct for a Prussian cavalry general, but as was the case when I painted General Bülow, I'm not completely sure....

Hinton Hunt PN 85: Prussian Hussar, Charging
The Leib Hussars veer to the right as directed and thunder by
There aren't too many ways to paint his grey greatcoat and overalls. The flash of red lining under his cape, however, is based on nothing much more than the absolutely inspired version of this figure painted by Ian S. You can see him here on Ian's extraordinary Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargame Figures Blog. I just couldn't paint my Blücher any other way after seeing Ian's version.

Hinton Hunt Prussian Napoleonic General Staff
A trio of Prussian generals admire the spectacle.
Blücher's completion leaves me with only one more Prussian general staff figure yet to do, which is the aide de camp figure. Anything after that and I'll have to start doing some conversions. Fortunately it looks like it should be possible to achieve quite a lot in this respect with a just a little head swapping!


  1. What a wonderful treat, an excellent unit, love the Prussian Generals. All this work in Prussians is making me sort out my own Prussian castings.

    Look forward to a Prussian Grand review in the near future.


    1. Thanks, Paul. Yes, I'm thinking that a push for Prussians might be called for as there are only 2 1/2 more units needed to finish the Prussian "starter army".

  2. Impressive and I am really looking forward to you converting some command and personality figures.

    1. Cheers Roy, me too, thank heavens for John Cunningham's recasts!

  3. Excellent job! I'm looking forward to the conversions.