Wednesday, 2 January 2019

British Lyon

To my utter shame I have failed to complete the 73rd in time to claim them for my 2018 painting total. They're nearly there, but it's going to take another day or two before they're ready to take the field.

What I have to show instead is my new commander, who is a David Clayton version of that favourite old Hinton Hunt standby: BN 107: British General (mounted), pointing (horse attached series).

General Lyon cantered onto the field to take command of the 73rd,

Hinton Hunt experts may notice his face is a little unusual. This is because he was completely missing anything resembling a nose, so I had to give him one with my soldering iron.

but no matter where he turned.....

Like my French General, Marshal Quiestil, he is to have a roaming commission. General Hoosie is to be his usual name, but when serving with Wallmoden's Army he is to be Brigadier James Frederick Lyon.

...he couldn't find them anywhere.
Lyon commanded the 97th (Queen's Own Germans) Regiment of Foot in the Peninsula until 1813, when he was sent to North Germany to help organise the new Hanoverian Army and was almost immediately given a division to command in Wallmoden's Corps. On the day of Waterloo he was in command of the 6th Hanoverian Brigade at Hal, and so missed the battle. If I ever play Waterloo, however, I'm sure I could find a place for him.

He will find his regiment, with a bit of luck, by Saturday morning, for as the pictures show, the armies are already massing for battle.

Till then



  1. I'm NOT a HH expert but I immediately spotted the conk - it makes the figure ooze character, and looks far more 'natural' than the standard noses. Your facility with the iron is verging on witchcraft.
    Also now on the alert for the battle update, come on the reds!

    1. If he's successful I'll have to call him Hoosie the Conkerer, Rob.
      The 73rd are not far behind, I promise!

  2. Another excellent commander to add to your collection.

    I am totally amazed that you could make a new nose using a soldering iron.

    Does this count as cosmetic surgery and did you model this on anyone famous?

    1. The nose job was surprisingly simple, Mark -- just a tiny dab of solder at the very tip of the iron, and job was done, bar a minimal bit of carving.

      He's no-one in particular - just your standard British Sir Bufton de Tufton - although he'd do for an early Wellington, I reckon.

  3. What a fine fellow with a particularly splendid nose! This is one figure I have yet to paint, hmm, I already feel myself going off track...

  4. He cuts a rather dashing figure, what?

    Best Regards and Happy 2019,


    1. I have a DK version of this figure too, Stokes. If I ever paint him I may place a glass of port in his hand.

      Happy 2019 to you too!

  5. First, happy new year.
    He´s lovely and his nose Looks very aristocratic.

  6. Happy New Year, Paul.

    His haughtiness was much remarked upon by Wellington Man III (he's 18 now, so has lost his Lad status). He then went on to name him. "Who's 'e?", he said.

  7. A pleasure to behold as always. Who nose what this obsession of yours will bring in 2019....

    1. Certainly not me, David. I change my mind every five minutes.