Friday, 3 April 2015

Taking it Gneisan-slowly

PN 61: General Gnaisenau
With Roy's men finished and Ian's cavalry yet to arrive, the pressure is off for the next wee while. Nevertheless, I thought I ought to get a little more horse-painting practice in as I've only attempted one other mounted figure so far.

Horseman number two is one of Old John's very nicely recast Prussian personality figures,  PN 61: General Gneisenau, on a PNH 1: Prussian General Officer's Horse. I put him onto a bright dun-coloured horse to see how this would look, and I've decided that I rather like it.

Happy Easter everyone,

Dun painting!


  1. Ho ho ho - I like your pun....and your figure.

  2. Ahh Scharnhorst and Gneisenau , one of the great double acts, peaches and cream, Laurel and Hardy, Gilbert and Sullivan, they are up there with the greats.

  3. A very nice figure

  4. An excellent figure, the puns are on the other hand.....!