Saturday, 11 April 2015

Landwehr Update 2

Hinton Hunt Prussian Landwehr
The 2nd Neumarks shuffling into view.
A mere 8 weeks delayed, but better late than never, I present the 1st Battalion, 2nd Neumark Landwehr Infantry Regiment.

All I have to do now is wait for Ian's cavalry to arrive, which ought to be any day now.

This is my fourth Prussian battalion, and something of a milestone. I have now painted 99 Prussians. I just wish I could do them a bit faster!


  1. Excellent looking battalion - love the high gloss finish , Tony

  2. Thanks Tony. I don't know how I managed to miss your blog before, but I've found it now. Absolutely awe inspiring. Love the figures, and also very impressed by your terrain. Truly magnificent.

  3. I wouldn't worry about the output speed, you really are doing justice to them. Again, your attention to detail on the flag is most impressive!

  4. Well, you certainly paint them much faster than I do - they look great!

  5. Stunnng flag. Do you do the script with a pen or a brush?

    1. A very fine Rotring pen. The letters had to be "dotted" on rather than drawn. I may have stored up a bit of trouble in the future as I found that the ink ran under acrylic varnish so I had to revert to humbrol gloss for the first coat. Not sure what I'm going to do if I have to create anything other then black lettering!

  6. A beautiful unit, like the flag.