Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Great Prussian Standard Bearer Mystery Deepens

On the subject of the origins of Prussian standard bearers, Chuck in the USA has very kindly sent me these intriguing photos of two Prussian line infantry standard bearers in his collection. He bought them already painted.

He tells me it is very unclear whether or not they are DKs, David Claytons, home conversions or something else! If anyone has any thoughts, speculations or secret intelligence on their origins then please don't hesitate to share them.....



  1. I tend to think that it is a DK based upon a conversion of a Hinton Hunt Prussian grenadier advancing.

  2. I still think these are claytons as they are very similar to the various other Clayton ones I have. Are there any markings on the base?

  3. I've just heard from Chuck there there appears to be a trace of a "120" on one of the bases. This was the DK code for the Prussian line infantry command set. Roy's speculation that David Clayton may have simply adopted a number of DK variations seems to be firming up!