Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fancy Flankers

Der Kriegspielers Swiss Line Infantry Elites
It will come as no surprise to anyone at all that I have completely caved in and gone for both voltigeur and grenadier companies for the 3rd Swiss. However, I have an excuse.

Der Kriegspielers Swiss Line Infantry ElitesThe figures are from two different sets: DK 4: French 1809 Légère, assaulting; and DK 220: Dutch Grenadier Battalion, defending. In both cases I've turned their heads ever so slightly to the left to make them blend in a bit more with my DK 176: Swiss Line Infantry.

The DK 4s are not particularly lovely figures, but I think they'll look OK as a company. The Dutchmen, on the other hand, are very handsome indeed in my opinion, despite being somewhat precariously balanced on their bases! I was very lucky to find a couple of battalions of these, with six left over for spares.

Mystery Swiss?
My excuse for this extravagance is that I've found two more Swiss fusiliers (complete with musket butts, I'm glad to say) from the small stash of unidentified figures I have in my collection.These two will provide me with just enough fusiliers to fill out the two centre companies of  a second Swiss unit. The beginnings of the Neuchâtel Battalion, perhaps?

The origin of these last two figures is a bit of  a mystery. I'm convinced they are neither Hinton Hunts nor Der Kriegspielers, but something else entirely. Inscribed under their bases is what looks like "FF", followed by something undecipherable. If anyone has come across anything like these before, please let me know!



  1. Fine fellows indeed - love the grenadier doing the splits!

    1. is a slightly awkward pose. I think he was intended to be "bracing against cavalry" or some such, but has ended up looking as if he's been caught short.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil. I'm doing them purely for their "bling" value!