Sunday, 16 August 2015

On a Swiss Roll

Der Kriegspielers DK 176: Swiss Line Infantry
Swiss Fusiliers. But what to do next?
Now that Ian's cavalry are on their way back to Blighty, I've turned my attention back to the Swiss!

With only three main colours to worry about (Red, White and Black), they were very quick to paint.

The big decision now is whether to give them a fourth company of either grenadiers or voltigeurs. If I did both I'd be left with 6 DK 176's spare, which would be be a very inefficient use of the figures!

One to ponder......

Have a good one!



  1. These are handsome devils - splendid. Having chosen not to have Swiss in my French Peninsular army, I now have to consider the option of having Swiss in the Spanish army. Tricky chaps, these Swiss.

    1. Cheers, Tony. My Swiss are "historical" only
      in the sense that I never saw a vintage French wargame army that wasn't liberally sprinkled with exotic and colourful foreign regiments!

  2. I would use the extra fusiliers I think. My own Swiss have a company of Grenadiers in bearskins but this was because I didn't have enough of the French fusilier figures to make up to 24. They look splendid by the way!

    1. Thanks Ian. I'm still torn between the desire for figure economy versus extravagant spectacle!

  3. Beautiful! And the Swiss fusiliers are always great on tables, splendid colors!

  4. Very nice indeed, I know the Swiss were not at Waterloo but I am sure there was a unit that got wiped out at Wavre, tempted to have a unit.