Saturday, 8 August 2015

Prussian Lancers 2

Hinton Hunt PN 89 Prussian Uhlan Lancers
I am very pleased to present, at long last, the second squadron of the 3rd (Brandenburg) Uhlans.

The figures are Hinton Hunt PN 89: Prussian Guard Lancers, and very aggressive looking chappies they are too. I wouldn't like to have been a Frenchman standing in the way of this lot!

It remains to be seen whether or not they can make it back to blighty in time for vintage waterloo....


Hinton Hunt PN 89 Prussian Uhlan LancersUPDATE: They are finally on their way to the Front!


  1. Wonderful paint job, should put the fear of God into the French


  2. Really lovely painting. The more I see of these 'unfashionably shiny' troops the more I'm convinced that such a finish brings out the colours so well, beautiful :)

    I have tried 'Klear' recently ( floor polish, as used in' magic wash' mix), and the finish is so much better than the old 'gloss' days I remember, that stuff used to yellow in no time!

    Anyway, rambling on there, lets hope they have a speedy journey home,


  3. Fantastic looking fellows - and I used to think that Prussians had dull uniforms!

  4. Thanks chaps. There's no doubt that the gloss really brings out the contrast!

  5. Cool, nice job and nice colors...